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World Water Day 2022 with Charity Water

Who Is Charity Water? 

It’s 2022 and there is still over 770 million people in the developing world without access to clean and safe drinking water. Charity Water is a non-profit organisation which was founded in 2006. They are on a mission to change these statistics with one ambitious goal: ending the global water crisis.

Despite the ongoing severity of the water crisis across the world, Charity Water are optimistic and hopeful that things can and will change. They believe sustainable change is locally led with community-owned water projects. Charity Water’s local partners help facilitate comprehensive water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) programming to protect long-term health in effected parts of the world.

Alongside the help of generous supporters across the world with regular campaigns, water walks and fundraising, Charity Water can continue to fight this problem. By working together, Charity Water believe everyone can have access to life’s most basic need.

Megaflatables’ Participation in London’s World Water Day Walk 2022

On March 22nd, Megaflatables had the honour of supporting Charity Water in advocating #WorldWaterDay to the public.

Charity Water conducted a Colour Story experience in collaboration with paint brand, Pantone, to showcase the world’s dirty water’s true colours which got tremendous amounts of engagement online. In person, they also took to the streets of the UK’s capital city of London with an amazing group of volunteers and brand partners, including us, for a HUGE water walk.

At Megaflatables, we had the pleasure of creating Charity Water an inflatable product replica of a (singing) Jerry Can float to help mark the occasion.

Considering, Megaflatables giant inflatables boast Pantone-specific digital printing to create the exact colours of your logo and branding, it was great to be part of supporting a charity that they’d collaborated with this year too.

Together with all of those who chose to donate or join The Spring – Charity Water’s community of monthly monetary donors – this year was one of the biggest World Water Days yet according to Charity Water! We are thrilled to have been a part of it all to help Charity Water raise awareness for such an important cause and the continued work they do.

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