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Larger Than Life Inflatables: The Lord Mayors Show

The Lord Mayors Show takes place annually, with this year being the 806th event of its kind! Originating in the early 13th century, when King John allowed the City of London to appoint its own Mayor, the show has been held annually since the year 1215. Much has changed since then, and this includes the procession involved. With a modern take to this ceremony, Megaflatables provided some amazing giant inflatables, bringing a blown-up element of fun to this year’s annual ceremony. Saturday 13 November 2021 allowed us to showcase some of our fantastic, animated custom inflatables that absolutely stole the show. Read on and find out more about how we provided some of the best show stopping designs, making this year’s Lord Mayors Show one to truly remember.

People walking with inflatables at lord mayor show

The Giant Inflatable Procession

There were many of our giant, custom-made inflatables that we provided for the Mayor of London show. All of the exhibition inflatable floats we provided were for different causes, some for local businesses, others for charities. Regardless of the organisation that each of our floats were made for, each was just as impressive as the next! The crowd surely was in for a treat this year as we displayed some of our very finest custom inflatable replicas.

We at Megaflatables were commissioned by various companies to showcase their brands through the use of our custom inflatables. Promotional inflatables such as a giant rugby player holding an inflatable rugby ball, a giant inflatable hat and inflatable spheres were just some of the unique, larger than life inflatables we commissioned for the show.

People walking with inflatables at lord mayor show

Sky High Giant Inflatables for a Good Cause

By taking the pressure off the London streets, we have been able to take their offerings sky high with custom inflatables for a wide range of businesses and charities alike.

Other designs we championed on the day through the use of our giant inflatable shapes included huge promotional inflatables speech bubbles, soaring high above the crowd. We have been able to present our custom designs for giant inflatables for countless organisations, all supporting excellent, often charitable causes. We were honoured to be able to show our designs of custom inflatables within the float procession, bringing awareness to these excellent foundations.

People walking with inflatables at lord mayor show

Contact Megaflatables Today for Custom Inflatables

As well as the charitable organisation we provided giant inflatables and custom inflatable floats for, this is not limited to the many designs we have to offer. We also provided a giant inflatable builder’s hat for a London based construction company, allowing us to showcase local companies from the area and the vast potential they have.

Get in touch with Megaflatables today and we will do all we can to provide you with inflatables for your corporate, business, or charitable requirements, allowing you to convey the message of your choosing in a way that is truly blown up to scale.

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