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Custom Music Concert Inflatables

Custom Music Concert Inflatables

This summer we had so much fun working on Music Concert Inflatables for the Rock the 80s concerts.

We were asked to make among other things. a 25 foot stay puff marshmallow man, a Pacman, some giant inflatable cherries and some ghosts from the Pacman game.

During the summer over 50,000 people flock to see artists such as Kim Wilde,  Nik Kershaw,  ABC,  Big Country,  Alexander O’Neal, Then Jerico,  Dr & The Medics,  T’Pau and Sonia.

The music and celebrations are of course all focused on anything 1980’s.

large Inflatable Pacman

Inflatable Pacman

giant Inflatable Cherries

Inflatable Cherries

large Inflatable marshmallow man

Giant concert Inflatables


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