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Marvellous Custom Inflatable Creation!

This week Megaflatables were involved in something magical for Easter! We were asked to create an inflatable dome for the TED Group, Europe’s leading independent provider of entertainment, as an addition to their marketing event for “The Sweet Dream Factory”.

The Luton based TED Group have this week been involved in The Malls Marvellous Sweet Dream Factory, where children can join in and enjoy free, magical Easter fun including a sensory story through the land of lollipops, to see how all the sweet treats are made.

The event is in preparation for the opening of The Sweet Dream Factory which will soon open its doors to the public, offering every kind of sweet you could ever imagine!  The store will open its doors in the next couple of weeks at The Mall in Luton.

If you spot a Megaflatable inflatable on your travels, let us know on our Facebook, Twitter or Google+ page – We would love to hear from you!

The Mega Dome and Land of Lollipops will be open from the 9th– 13th April at The Mall providing endless Easter fun for all the family.

Mega Marvelous Custom Inflatable Creation


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