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Why invest in custom inflatable marketing to meet your objectives?

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1. Using custom inflatable marketing will gain you invaluable attention & increase traffic; In order to increase sales, you must first get the attention and the traffic of your customer. Our inflatables, blimps and balloons really do stand out and offer an immediate and lasting impact on potential customers. Outdoor advertising inflatables can literally stop traffic and demand attention due to their uniqueness and photographic lure.

2. Inflatable advertising can increases brand awareness.  What could be more impressive than a 20-foot inflatable logo, product or mascot?  Your customers certainly won’t be forgetting you for a long time!

3. Using inflatables to market your business helps to connect you with your customers on an emotional level.  Most buying decisions are emotional; more often than not your customer ‘wants’ your product/service rather than has a need for it.  Once you have created a desire, sales will naturally follow.

4. Inflatable marketing can help to increases sales – don’t just take our word for it, read our Pizza Hut casestudy.  Akin Hunter, a Pizza Hut Franchise owner saw an increase in sales of 20% after using Megaflatables to market his promotions.

5. Inflatables are easy to use in comparison to other point of sale marketing materials.  All of our Megaflatable advertising inflatables are compact when deflated, lightweight, they can an be used all year round, cost as little as 14p per day (*based on npower’s current tariff for a duration of 6 hours a day) to run, they don’t require street planning permission, they’re rain and wind friendly, they can be set up in minutes, they are quiet and they’re easy to modify.  The only question is why wouldn’t you invest in a Megaflatable?

6. Given their many benefits, Megaflatables inflatables are extremely affordable and more importantly highly effective.  They make great additions to your marketing plan as they last and last but also provide a fabulous return on investment and sales.

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