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Giant Promotional Inflatable

Megaflatables Bespoke Promotional Inflatable for Hendricks Gin

At Megaflatables, we design bespoke inflatables of all shapes and sizes, overseeing the process from start to finish, that can be used to promote a range of events. From festivals to company events, we create eye-catching, colourful promotional inflatables to draw customers’ attention to your product or service. Most recently, Megaflatables was asked to design and create an inflatable for the prestigious brand Hendrick’s Gin, to promote their new, floral tipple in time for summer. Our team’s work was installed pride of place on the South Bank in London, ready to pull in the crowds and promote this truly special spirit. Read more about our recent inflatable success story below.

Promotional Inflatable

The Launch

Hendrick’s is a household name, known for its premium, peculiar, Scottish distilled Gin, so when the brand came to us to provide a publicity inflatable to be used at the launch of their new offering ‘Flora Adora’ in time for summer, our design team got to work. We produced a large promotional inflatable based on one of Hendrick’s Curious Idols, which was taken to the South Bank in London, where it was then event managed by our in-house team.

The inflatable was designed and made to reflect the product’s floral nature, featuring a range of stunning summer colours to draw in the eye. The inflatable itself features the cartoon-style image of the Idol in the centre, surrounded by additional details like flora and fauna, and of course, the summer sunshine. It was then installed in a flower bed full of brightly coloured blossoms to enhance the overall finish, ensuring it captured the floral nature of the new Hendrick’s Gin offering.

How Can Promotional Inflatables Help Product Launches

Promotional inflatables offer a dynamic and engaging solution to boost the impact of product launches. These eye-catching and larger-than-life promotional bespoke shapes and creations immediately draw attention, creating a buzz around your new product or service. Their striking appearance serves as an instant attraction, luring potential customers towards the launch event or retail location.

Our inflatables can be customised to reflect the essence of the product, as seen above, effectively communicating its features and benefits in a visually appealing way. They provide a unique opportunity for brand exposure, as they can be strategically placed in high-traffic areas, like London’s South Bank, generating interest and curiosity among passers-by. By incorporating interactive elements or branding elements into the inflatable design, you can foster an immersive experience for consumers and clients alike, leaving a lasting impression and strengthening brand recall.

Advertising inflatables serve as powerful marketing tools, heightening the visibility and success of product launches, and paving the way for increased sales, spreading the word about your brand.

At Megaflatables, the design team can bring your ideas to life in a way you’d never imagined. From the initial idea to the creation of your bespoke inflatable, we’ll assist you every step of the way. We’ll deliver your tailored inflatable to your doorstep or event with the help of our dedicated event management team, in time and in perfect condition. Contact us to design your next event inflatable.

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