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Festival Inflatables: Bespoke Shapes That Will Blow You Away

Festival season is upon us and with so much music, food and fun to enjoy throughout the summer and into September, having a standout inflatable can be the make or break of an exciting festival atmosphere. Whether you’re looking for inflatable crowd spheres which can be bounced around the crowd or a stand-out piece to set the stage apart for one or a number of the sets, there are a whole range of bespoke shapes that can blow you away.


Inflatable Planets

To kick off Wakefield’s Festival of Earth celebrations, a truly immersive inflatable planet installation took centre stage. This 7-metre replica of the Earth allows visitors to see the planet floating in three different dimensions, with the opportunity for people to see what changes are happening to the Earth’s climate and the impact people are having. This incredible inflatable is a true stand out, showing the beauty of the world as well as giving a hard-hitting message to all who views it.


Inflatable Spheres

Inflatable spheres to bounce around the crowd are always a fun favourite at a festival. Here at Megaflatables, we’ve been involved in a huge number of festivals offering this particular inflatable fun, including V-Festival! Inflatable spheres can come in a number of different designs, so whether you’d like a band or singer name on the sphere, a brand name for promotional purposes, or a slightly customised shape, the team at Megaflatables have you covered.

Giant Inflatables

Giant inflatables can be a really stand out option, whether for a stage set up for the headliner or for an interesting addition to the camps. These particular inflatables can be customised into any shape or design –


Inflatable Moon

Have an inflatable moon light up the sky to lead your visitors back to their camps or to peek out of the surrounding woods as a secret addition.


Inflatable Dinosaur

Hosting a festival for kids, or palaeontologists? Then an inflatable dinosaur or two can be a real treat to spike the interest of your visitors.


Inflatable Events

At a festival, it’s not always just the music or the food that can get your visitors in the mood to party. A number of festivals will also offer a series of events and games to keep them engaged throughout the day or the weekend. At Megaflatables, we can offer a range of inflatable buildings such as tunnels, domes and cubes which you can turn into a game or simply as an entry or exit to the bar or stage. Whatever you decide, our bespoke inflatable buildings can help you to craft a festival that will really blow your guests away.


Inflatable Blimps

Have a huge rock star hitting the main stage in the evening that you want everyone to be excited about? Keep them in everyone’s mind with an inflatable blimp emblazoned with their name to really get the visitors ready!

No matter what you need to make your festival a stand-out hit, you can be sure that Megaflatables can help. Whether you’re looking for custom inflatables or something for hire, contact a member of our team more information today!

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