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Delivering A Birthday Blimp To Ryan Reynolds

It’s not every day you get to create something for Ryan Reynolds, but that’s exactly what we had the pleasure of doing back in October this year. We were absolutely thrilled when the team approached us, requesting a blimp and tunnel to be developed and installed at no other than Wrexham FC. We were delighted with the outcome of the final product which bobbed above The Racecourse.

inflatable tunnel

John Spence, Managing Director, at Megaflatables commented:

“We were delighted to work with Wrexham FC wanting to create an inflatable for Ryan Reynolds. We’re huge fans, so it was an honour to be part of the celebrations they put on for him! We loved the final inflatable design and were thrilled to see it come to life as we supported its inflation at the stadium. Working in this industry, it never fails to surprise us what wonderful ideas our customers have. We’re always keen to bring those ideas to life, offering our support if it’s wanted to make sure the final inflatable is perfect for the occasion. Projects such as these never fail to make us smile!”

Check out the giant inflatable blimp for yourself below.

Wrexham FC Ryan Reynolds Blimp

Ryan Reynolds Blimp

Our Ryan Reynolds inflatables were so impressive that it made several headlines including in Talk Sport and Yahoo and we’re almost certain it’s something Ryan himself won’t forget about any time soon. Beyond creating blimps for fun to celebrate birthdays and other special occasions, they are a great way of advertising brands, offering a quick way for more people to get a glance. They’re perfect for both one-off appearances as well as regular events, helping your brand to stand out amongst the crowd.

Design Your Own Blimp

Designing your own blimp is so simple. Come to us with an idea for your blimp and we’ll help you transform it into a magical inflatable that showcases everything your brand does. Everything from the exact shape to the size and the colour of your blimp we have covered. We’ll even help you out with the final design, offering our recommendations to make sure the final product is better than what you had initially pictured. This all comes as part of the service we provide here at Megaflatables, as we want to make sure you have the best experience when creating something fun.

If you too are looking for a customised blimp, regardless of its need, we can help. Our expert team don’t just take your design and run with it, but help you develop a blimp that captures what you want to achieve. Call us on 01245 421056 or email for help with your project.

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