Inflatable Design Services


One of the things that make Megaflatables completely unique is our in house inflatable design team.


Once we have your initial enquiry and understand what you want to achieve, we can very quickly work on some visuals/designs which take your thoughts and ideas and quite simply put them on a piece of paper.

This a great starting point on inflatable projects.


We have 3 in house inflatable designers in our team who are able to work in any format.

During any project we are involved in, you will receive inflatable designs to approve.


We work on 2D, 3D, CAD, pantone specific, .EPS, .ai .PDF or.jpg

Over the years we have worked very closely with many of the worlds top brands. From McDonalds, Apple, Google, Toyota through to the Commonwealth Games, The ECB and Coca Cola.


We are able to visit your offices, during the scoping of the project and work hand in hand with you or indeed your client to create the approved inflatable design.

Please find below just a few examples of some of our work.

Please note we are fully operational, providing the Manufacturing, Rental and Event Management for all inflatables. Find out more.