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Saka Water Bottle Inflatable

Whilst creating the designs for “Project Mooch” we got a call from Navson who wanted us to carry out some addition work for them.

Having been impressed with the concept we had produced for the milkshake can they approached up to create a bigger product replica for one of their more established brands Saka Mineral Water.

The client had decided to take advantage of the exposure they would have to re-affirm that brand as the same festivals and concerts.

Although we were already manufacturing the Mooch replica the project manager got people back together to make sure we could create the design in time to have both orders fulfilled at the same time.

We wanted to demonstrate that we can be as flexible as required and meet both deadlines.

We created the replica water bottle with all the branding and made sure both were delivered on time and ready to go.

We are very proud of the finished products and as you can see by the images, so was the client.

“Our Saka water bottle inflatable was 20ft tall and was a great, eye-catching part of our trading stand. It takes us no longer that 10 minutes to set up which is very helpful during our setup period. The inflatable was running for the entire festival and we are happy to say we had no problems at all.

Thank you again Megaflatables

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Download the Saka Case Study here