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Megaflatables manufacture inflatable cricket wicket for the Royal London ODI

A very British sport for a very British CompanyInflatable wicket

Nobody could sit down and invent cricket from scratch let. Its just too individual and eccentric. Yet this quirky essentially British game is one of the most popular sports on the planet, linking grassroots to communities in a common love of the game and its values.

Integrity and individuality are values that mean something to Royal London. That’s why Royal London were proud to be partnering with the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) to help them develop one –day cricket at and international and domestic level.

At Megaflatables we understand the meaning of these key objectives and strive to meet these on all of our projects. This project was also close to our hearts.

Our brief:

Cricket SphereTo create some new ideas that have never been seen at a cricket match before.

Innovation, interest, branding and some good old fashioned British fun.

Enter the Megaflatables design team.

We created a 20ft wicket and 2 branded zorbs for the interval break.

What better fun than stepping into a zorb and racing to see who can “smash” into the inflatable wicket first.

Inflatable ZorbsInflating in just 7 minutes – running the race for 3 minutes and deflating in just 7 minutes, amazingly the Megaflatables event teams still had time to watch some cricket as well.


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