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Prontaprint Inflatable signage

Prontaprint are one of the largest networks of franchised printing companies within the UK,

used by both commercial businesses and member of the public.

Sam Panesar owns and runs two such franchises in East London.

In fact his franchises are amongst the top grossing stores in the

UK. His main branch is located along one of the busiest A roads in

London. Many people would think this sounds perfect for passing

trade, however motorists don’t usually see the branch as they

whizz past at 50 mph.

Although this branch is thriving, Sam understands that in business

you can’t rest on your laurels and need to continue to advertise

whilst looking for new ways to gain new customers.

“The good times may not last forever and if you continue to do the

things you have always done then you may not move forward” –

Prontaprint Barking

So Sam approached Megaflatables to create something simple

but effective, that would grab motorists attention long before they

pass his branch. He needed something you could see from a

distance away that made it clear, “this is who we are and this is

what we do” – Prontaprint Barking

We took this brief and decided that sometimes the most simple

option is the best, so we used one of our beacon designs and

made a slight twist to incorporate their logo and corporate


At 20 feet high it can be seen from 500 yards away and does

exactly what Sam wanted it to do, but don’t just take our word

for it here is what Sam said;

“ We were so surprised that even though we have been in

the same location for a number of years customers would

walk through the door and tell us that until they had seen the

inflatable they didn’t know we were even here”.

“Two weeks after setting up our Megaflatable we have gained

around 20% more new clients than we would usually expect

to in an average fortnight and in times like these it’s really help

keep the branch in great shape going forward.

I look forward to working with Megaflatables for a very long

time to come”

Sam Pansar – Prontaprint Barking

Inflatable sign


inflatable tube



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