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Inflatable Drink Can with Mooch


Navson are a company who specialise in creating innovative and prestigious soft drink brands.

When the good people over at Navson contacted us they had a clear brief, that was to really push and promote

their new milkshake brand at a series of summer concerts and festivals during 2011. Why not an inflatable drink .

The brand itself was Mooch Milkshakes, totally innovative in the marketplace as it

comes in a can, unlike most milkshakes which are bottled, it is also has less than 1% fat.


As a fairly new product in the market they knew that it was

crucial they get people trying the product and seeing how

unique it truly is. The key objective would be attracting

concert goers to their stand and create a great experience.

We at Megaflatables wanted to meet all these objectives

so we created “Project Mooch”. Getting our design team

to brainstorm ideas and then appointed a project manager

to make sure we could achieve their goals and really bring

their product to life.


We created a number of designs for them, from a replica

of their corporate mascot to a giant replica of their actual

packaging and presented them to the client and their

marketing team.

Once a design was settled on we quickly got to work in

bringing that concept to life, our factory worked diligently

and quickly to meet the client’s expectations.

We believe “Project Mooch” delivered on every aspect of

what was needed by the client. But dont just take our word

for it, here is what Mooch had to say.

inflatable drink Inflatable drink can


“We are attending various festivals this summer, we required

something eye-catching to draw people to our trading stand and our

inflatables were an instant hit. From initial contact our inflatable only

took 2 weeks to be delivered and when it arrived we were extremely

happy with the end result. It was an exact replica of our product.

Thank you Megaflatables!”


If you would like further information regarding this or any other project we have undertaken, or

simply have an enquiry please contact us.