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Giant Inflatable Sweet for Maynards Bassetts

Megaflatables and Maynards Bassetts teamed up to bring a nationwide “I-Spy” game to the UK during the summer season. The creative team at Megaflatables designed and produced 4 giant inflatable sweets, including 20ft Jelly Babies and Wine Gums, that looked exactly like the real thing.

The event was expertly managed by Megaflatables and was supported by Absolute Radio and social media. The “I-Spy” game encouraged listeners to guess the location of the giant sweets and win a prize.

The campaign aimed to highlight Maynards Bassetts as the perfect companion for any road trip and was part of Maynards Bassetts’ effort to evolve their “Set the Juice Loose” campaign by adding a fun and interactive element. The giant inflatable sweets proved to be a hit with both kids and adults and were a great addition to the popular car game, “I Spy.”

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