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Heart FM Inflatable Giraffe

When the good people at Heart contacted us,

they were trying an idea that was a bit different from their normal promotions and need a company to take their idea of an inflatable giraffe  and turn them into a reality… but a fun one.

Heart were having a number of events at Safari

Parks across the UK and wanted something to

stand out, give them brand awareness and be

able to take to each different location.

After speaking to them and fully understanding

their requirements, the design team at

Megaflatables came up with an approved design

of “Georgie” the Giraffe.


We think we really delivered on the brief, but please dont just take our word for it.


“We wanted to do really something different for Woburn Safari Park, as we had

done a lot of promotional activity for neighboring ZSL Whipsnade. So we came

up with the idea of a portable giraffe that could give listeners the opportunity to

win an amazing VIP experience. The original plan was to have a large Perspex

Giraffe made, but we felt it would be too costly and difficult to move around the

locations we wanted to use. So we came up with the idea of using an inflatable

one instead, and the result was fantastic. It really caught the imagination of the

staff, listeners and the client”. I would definitely do something similar again”!

– Mark Sadler, Regional Team Leader and Programme Controller Heart

Four Counties


“It’s just something completely different to anything we’ve ever talked about on Heart before. Usually we are inviting listeners to call, or to text us to win.

But actually going on-air to tell listeners to look out for a large 18 foot inflatable Giraffe called Georgie was great fun, and it really stood out!

Can’t wait to do it again”.

– Matt Jarvis, Heart Drive-Time Presenter Heart Four Counties.

Inflatable giraffe 

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