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At last, Summer is nearly here. We can all agree that Summer 2021 is going to be a welcome break and returning to normality means events for your business this Summer will be better than ever, especially with the help of our sports inflatables for rent. We offer a wide range of inflatable sports options that will help enhance your chosen event this Summer, from inflatable water sports to inflatable sports domes. We are going to suggest some of the best inflatable sports options we have available.

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Inflatable Sports Arenas

Inflatable sports arenas, such as our inflatable sports pitches are sure to help your company stand out this Summer. The options are limitless with our inflatable sports arenas, supplying a full range of inflatable sports pitches for a huge variety of games and activities, with your brand logo printed on the side. Whether you are looking for inflatable football pitches, batting cages, inflatable tennis domes or anything else, these sports inflatable rentals are not to be missed when looking for a something different to help you stand out. We also offer inflatable sports cages, from inflatable home golf cages, inflatable ball pits, and much more! Your inflatable sports arena needs a grand entrance, and we have just the thing to compliment it this Summer. Our inflatable arches come in a range of fabrics, based on weight, weatherproofing and durability, and Megaflatables in-house design team can print artwork directly onto the sides of an inflatable arch, so it’s personalised to you, your specific needs, or the theme of your event.

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Inflatable Water Sports

Inflatable water sports are the essence of Summer. It’s time to splash right into event season with a whole range of inflatable water sports options, such as wet and wild inflatable sports arenas, giant water inflatable obstacle courses, inflatable marker buoys, inflatable spheres, tubes, tunnels, floating pitches, inflatable arches and so much more! If you fancy upgrading your water polo or volleyball this Summer, also see our inflatable goal posts, which are sports inflatable rentals, ready equipped with a pool. Inflatable markers and water sports inflatables are designed specifically for the water and are suitable for still water environments, such as inshore lakes and other locations where the water is tame. Really stand out this Summer with inflatable water sports products that catch the eye. Also see our inflatable sports domes, the inflatable Aqua Zorbs, so you can really show off something new while enjoying our sports inflatables for rent.

For more information on how our team can help you stand out this Summer, get in touch with us on 01245 373460 today and we will do our best to make it happen.