Inflatable Cars

Inflatable Cars

Our range of inflatable cars are perfect for garages, petrol stations, car sales showrooms and just about any automotive related industry, including  factories and car accessory shops.

We have also produced  inflatable cars for motor manufacturers and car related inflatables for many automotive product and accessory manufacturers.

Our inflatable man or inflatable car guy can be seen from hundreds of yards away and draws immediate attention to your car related business or car related organisation. Take a look at our range of inflatable air guys and choose the best one for your automotive business.

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To see some of our inflatable Car Air Guys in use visit our You Tube Channel

Inflatable Car Guys are used for Advertising and Pavement Marketing for all sorts of motor vehicle related industries and have proved successful for many businesses.  Our clients range from an MOT bay to Car Showrooms and Body Repairs shops.

They not only drive customers to your business but also ensure your motor vehicle related organisations are remembered time after time.

Below you will find just some of our 150+ car industry designs – for more information please call us on 0845 180 1430 or email


If you are interested in our range of inflatable Cars or any of Megaflatable ranges which are appropriate for your motor vehicle business then call us on 0845 180 1430 or contact us by email and one of our team will be happy to call you back and discuss your requirements