Let us help turn your product / products into a giant Inflatable Product Replica / Product Replicas.

Inflatable product replicas make your brand really stand out at special events. Whether you need an inflatable can, inflatable bottle, inflatable product or any inflatable shape, we can make it for you.

We can produce a cold air inflatable product replica from 4ft to 30ft high or as large as you want.

Imagine your product towering above the competition at your event or smaller give away  samples, ideal to remember your product or event.

Our expert staff will guide you through designing the perfect inflatable to represent your brand.

All of our inflatable product replicas are scaled to be a ratio sized version of your brand, product and design.

We can make cold air filled replicas or why not try our market leading fan inflated product replicas.

Let us turn your product into a giant inflatable. Outdoor advertising with giant product replicas will get noticed.

We offer a full Non Disclosure Agreement, so if you’re a media firm or marketing firm representing a client and want to make sure confidential information is not disclosed, For more information

Call us on 0845 180 1430 or email info@megaflatables.com

Our range of inflatable product replicas include but are not limited to the following:

  • Inflatable bottles
  • Inflatable cans
  • Inflatable packaging
  • Inflatable phones
  • Inflatable tools
  • Inflatable mascots
  • Inflatable people

We welcome all ideas and inquiries from any organisations or individual. If you need to understand the inflatable world a little better prior to design and internal budget approval, please feel free to contact us directly on  0845 180 1430 or email info@megaflatables.com and  our design team will talk you though your initial idea, step by step and turn it into a reality you can be proud of.