Inflatable Spheres


Rise above your competitors at your next exhibition or trade show with an inflatable Exhibition Blimp or Inflatable Sphere.

Inflatable Spheres

Inflatable Spheres can be ground based or filled with blended helium to create a large advertising balloon.

Floating above your stand or location, it’s hard to miss a 1, 2 or 3m inflatable ball pulling in your customers and the best part is that it takes no space from your trade area or showroom.

Megaflatables offer a range of helium spheres to suit all budgets, from fully digitally printed to simple text, our team can make your sphere stand out and get your brand or message seen by everyone around.

If you would like us to supply you the gas and or handle the installation for you, no problem just let us know.

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Sometimes an inflatable sphere may be just a little to small for your requirements, so why not look at our range of inflatable blimps. With all the same benefits of a Sphere the Blimps range from 6-8 m in size.

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