inflatable sports cage close up

Inflatable Sports Cage

Megaflatables manufacture a huge variety of Inflatable Sports Cages. Each Inflatable Sports Cage is made to order as per your requirements.

From Inflatables speed cages, Inflatable batting cages, Inflatable practice cages, right through to Inflatable Drone Cages.
All are produced in various sizes, shapes and colours.
Ideal for all Ball games, from football, tennis through to Golf.

All branding and colouring can be Pantone specific matching which is ideal for your corporate colours. Another benefit is that we can use various fabrics to allow you to make the inflatable Sports Cage as strong as you want or as light and versatile as you prefer (ideal for quick pack down at the end of a long day)

Inflatable Sports Cages, like Inflatable Shoot Out Cages can be designed with a removable Velcro target game on the back wall.


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