inflatable exhibition props

Exhibition Inflatables

Exhibition Inflatables ; Outdoor Advertising Inflatables

Megaflatables is one of the leading specialists in the design and manufacture of Helium floating Spheres and Blimps which are ideal for indoor exhibitions. Spheres and Blimps are also suitable for short promotional flight periods, such as music events, festivals, parades or weekend promotions.

Each product is digitally printed. Full artwork and pantone specific printing is included.

Our Helium Spheres range in size ranges from 1.5m diameter up to 6m in diameter.
Our Helium Blimps range in size from 3m diameter up to 6m in diameter.
Giant Lighted Balloons also have the option also to be internally illuminated making both indoor and outdoor flying at night or in dark areas possible.

Megaflatables also offer a full contract management service, for both the installation and flying of the spheres and blimps, through to nationwide gas supply contracts, repairs and inspections.


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